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Syllabus Samples
Teaching Philosophy

My goal for students is that through their college course work they can:

1) develop a personal worldview, ideology, and value system


2) understand the worldviews, ideologies, and values of others

3) interpret and assess new ideas that may challenge or support their thinking and values.

A Pedagogy of Ethics in a Diverse

Presented at the Annual Conference on Scholarly Teaching at Georgia State University (May 2017)

Student Feedback

"She really wants her students to pass but at the same time absorb the material to use in every day life. Definitely take her class!"  ~ Student SCOM2050


"I liked her class, she took lots of efforts to remember 30 students of a class that is 2 1/2 hours long Friday. Her class is not hard if you pay attention. She is cool and super approachable, and value diversity in relationships and human society. This class is useful to read visual literature & become a smart reader on your screen."  ~ Student SCOM2050


"She took a really boring prereq class and made it fun and interesting."  ~ Student SCOM1000


In this course, senior level journalism and speech communication students analyze visual representations of issues, events, and popular topics in the media. 

Spring 2019 Visual Communication 
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The Visual Construction of Gentrification
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