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Curriculum Vitae

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Ph.D. Communication, Georgia State University, Rhetoric & Politics Program, 2016 - Present

Areas of Expertise: Critical Rhetoric, Qualitative Methods, Critical Race Theory, Space and Place, Aesthetics


Master of Business Administration, University of Florida, 2013


Bachelor of Science in Journalism, University of Florida, 2010


Minor Certificate: African American Studies, University of Florida, 2010


Visual Communication (JOUR/SCOM4500)

​Georgia State University, January 2019 - present

Writing Across the Curriculum Consultant, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (SCOM4450)

​Georgia State University, August 2018 - present


Persuasion - Critical Thinking through Writing (SCOM3250)

​Georgia State University, June 2018 - present

Public Speaking (SCOM 1050)

​Georgia State University, August 2018 - present

Media, Culture & Society (SCOM 2050)

​Georgia State University, August 2017 - present

Introduction to Human Communication (SCOM1000)

​Georgia State University, August 2016 - present

Writing Tutor

Freelance, January 2014 - present

Teachers Assistant, Mentoring-at-Risk-Youth

University of Florida, January 2010 - May 2010






TESOL Certification (Teaching English Second Language)

PMP Certification (Project Management Professional)

Peer Reviewed Publications
Gittens, R. A. (2018). “What If I Am a Woman?”: Black Feminist Rhetorical Strategies of Intersectional Identification and Resistance in Maria Stewart’s Texts. Southern Communication Journal, 83(4), 1–12.
Conference Presentations
Atlanta’s Pink Trap House: Reimagining the Black Public Sphere as an Aesthetic Community. 201 National Communication Association 104th Annual Convention (November 2018). Salt Lake City, UT.

Playing with Black Space: Creating Black Communities through  Digital Counter-Spaces. Panel. 2018 National Communication Association 104th Annual Convention (November 2018). Salt Lake City, UT.


Ellisonian Rhetoric: A Postcolonial Theory of Symbolic Action. 2018 Rhetoric Society of America Conference (May 2018). Minneapolis, MN


<Property>, “Citizenship”, and the Political Sphere: Ideographs Manufacturing Consent for White Racial Domination of Atlanta. National Council for Black Studies Conference 2018 (March 2018). Atlanta, GA


“What if I Am a Woman?” Black Feminist Rhetorical Strategies for Identity and Resistance in Maria W. Stewart’s Texts. National Communication Association 103rd Annual Convention (November 2017). Dallas, TX.


The Rhetorical ‘Possibilities’ of the Activist Media Ecology and the Redesign of ‘Timeliness’ and Appropriateness’. 18th Annual Media Ecology Association Convention (June 2017). Moraga, CA.


A Pedagogy of Ethics in a Pluralistic Classroom. Annual Conference on Scholarly Teaching (May 2017). Georgia State University. Atlanta, GA


Communism, the Clergy, and the Civil Rights Movement: The Clergies Use of America’s 1950’s Foreign Policy to Garner Membership to the Civil Rights Movement. 41st Annual National Council of Black Studies (March 2017). Houston, TX


Black Girls in the Digital Divide: Limited Access to the Internet and Its Effect on Adolescent African-American Females. 34th Annual National Council of Black Studies (March 2010). New Orleans, LA.

Professional Development
Accepted Doctoral Student at the 2017 National Communication Association Doctoral Honors Seminar (July 2017). Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, OH

Project Manager II, Project Management, Comcast Spotlight, April 2014 to August 2016

Process and Information Technology project management, coordination, and business analyst


Advertising Sales Specialist Supervisor, Comcast Spotlight, February 2013 to April 2014


Advertising Sales Specialist, Comcast Spotlight, June 2012 to February 2013


Claims Adjuster, Nationwide Insurance, September 2010 to June 2012, Gainesville, FL


Student Supervisor, The Florida Fund Call Center, April 2007 to September 2010, Gainesville, FL


Public Relations Campaign Design, Freelance, May 2011 to June 2012, Gainesville, FL


Graphic Designer, Atlantic Publishing Company, May 2010 to August 2010, Gainesville, FL


Reporting Intern, Gainesville Guardian, August 2008 to April 2009, Gainesville, FL


Gittens, Rhana A. 2014. Perfectly Loved: Knowing Love on God’s Terms. Nyree Press


Gittens, Rhana A. (16 September 2008). University of Florida 50 Years of Integration. Gainesville Guardian Newspaper


Gittens, Rhana A. (10 April 2008). Newberry’s Angels – Newberry Community Daycare. Alachua County Today Newspaper


Gittens, Rhana A. (17 Jan 2008). Archer Battles GRU Over Sludge Disposal. Alachua County Today Newspaper

Debate Facilitator,  Links Saturday Academy at the Center for Civil and Human Rights,  Atlanta, GA, March 10, 2017

Board of Directors, Divine Order Church, Marietta, GA, January 2018 - Present

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